Hiding Windows Explorer Drives

In my previous post, I talked about what tools module authors should leverage. Now that we know what we should be looking at, lets step through a real world example of how these all come together to form a module. Over the next couple of posts, we will be looking at my HideWindowsExplorerDrives module. The module itself is pretty straightforward, it takes a drive letter and lets you hide it from Windows Explorer. With a couple of functions, it should give us enough to talk. Before we get to the tools, let’s look at the final product.

The Good Stuff: Check out the HideWindowsExplorerDrives module today.


The latest version of HideWindowsExplorerDrives is available PowerShell Gallery. Here’s what the full installation command looks like.

Install-Module -Name HideWindowsExplorerDrives -Verbose



The Get-DriveStatus

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