Module Structure Challenges

A brief note on module structure. During development I like to create a separate PS1 for every class and resource. I feel that this structure is the cleanest and easiest to manage in source. Here is a snippet of the FileWatcher modules layout.

│   .gitignore
│   FileWatcher.psd1
│   FileWatcher.psm1
│       settings.json
│       BaseFileWatcher.ps1
│       ProcessFileWatcher.ps1
│       ServiceFileWatcher.ps1
│       WebsiteFileWatcher.ps1


This does create some challenges. The biggest is that PowerShell throws a parse error when a class is defined in a script that references an external type. The PowerShell team is tracking the issue here.

To work around this, I have an Invoke-Build script that compiles the files into a completed PS1 and then runs the Pester tests.

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